Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Weekend

Wow, it seems like not too long ago I was itching for stuff to do on the weekends. This weekend just seems packed! Tonight we have pumpkin carving with the English teachers in town. Tomorrow I've just been invited to a Korean wedding of one of the teachers in my school. After that I have a Korean choir concert at my church followed by a Halloween party with the English teachers again.

Yesterday was the first day I've declined an invitation for a free school dinner. There have been many dinners I've eaten with my school and I appreciate going to them. However, yesterday it was one of those moments I couldn't handle anything else. I went back to my apartment and crashed --- zonked out for a couple hours.

This week at school has been a nonstop Halloween party for my classes. Today I just got done showing the kindergartners "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" on Youtube and decorating pumpkins on paper. They loved it when I passed out the candy. In order to receive the candy, they had to say "Trick or Treat." Some of them just said "treat" which was legitimate enough I guess. I am out of Halloween candy though, which is a bummer.

Done with teaching today, so right now I am watching a couple games on NBA League Pass. It's free 'til Tuesday, so why not?

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