Monday, October 12, 2009

Found a Church!

This last Sunday I finally found a church to go to here in town. I'm not sure exactly what the name of it is, but it is a huge church with Jesus holding two lambs painted above it. After checking online service times in town and having no luck, I decided to just take off on my new bike (which is awesome, by the way) and see which ones were going on Sunday morning. I couldn't find anything, but on my way home to get some breakfast I swung by one more and heard some music coming from it. I went inside to check it out.

Since the service was completely in Korean, I understood about six words from the sermon, but they sang familiar songs and the people were very friendly. A lady in front of let me use her English-Korean Bible and showed me the passage the minister was speaking from. It was I Timothy 4:1-5. I read the passage over a couple times since it's about the only thing I could understand going on around me. But, praise God! I found a church and I know when they have service! (This was extremely difficult for me to find, since no service times are posted online or outside of churches in town, well at least in English.)

After the message a lady and her husband invited me downstairs where they were having a free lunch. We had typical Korean food---rice, soup, kimchi, and some spicy side items. The man was a eye doctor in town and knew how to speak English very well. After lunch he brought me upstairs to meet the minister and then had 'coffee' (coffee mix and hot water). The minister said he wants to speak with me again next week after the service. We then went to the 1:30 worship (music) service. They had a praise band with youth playing the drums and singing accompanied by a piano and organ. Next week, the family said they want to introduce me to the English interpreter.

Also, this family told me that the guy who I replaced as an English teacher here in Taebaek used to attend this church. He also lived in the same apartment as me. Crazy weird stuff.

(Sorry, it's kind of long and has no sound. Yay for cell phone video!) The singer was from the United States and sang some verses of the songs in English, and then in Korean.

I left the service a little early to do some shopping. These pictures were taken at a meat market downtown near my apartment. I've seen some of this before, but mostly in horror films.


  1. The horror movie comment was funny! What a God-incidence that the teacher you replaced went to the same church and lived in the same apartment. Wonder who he was?

  2. Oh i'd say he was about Jimmy's height, weight, and age.....hmm, I wonder if his name was Jimmy, too..... and just saying, I could totally make edible food out of that stuff you saw. It all comes from something like that, just think of that next time you go to the McDonald's there and get yourself a cheeseburger! Which I doubt is exactly like one here!

  3. Just came across your blog. I just arrived in Taebaek 3 days ago to teach English at Samsung Elementary. I'm hoping to find a church and could use your help. If you can give me any info on the church, it's location, worship times, etc. - I'd greatly appreciate it.