Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ridin' the Rickshaw

Welcome to my first blog post ever! Maybe it's because I've never really had the desire to or maybe it's because I never had the time. Now I have both, and being in a different country with new and exciting things may be that reason to start a blog. Also as an English teacher in a foreign country, I am starting to adore my language more and more. Writing and communicating in English is what I get paid for, but this is just for fun. So ENJOY!

Anyway, I titled my blog "Ridin' the Rickshaw" since my dad mentioned that it could be my new mode of transportation here in Korea. I ran across this picture of a guy riding a rickshaw and imagined if this was my mode of transportation around here. "Imagined" is the key word here, because my main mode of transportation, since I arrived 11 days ago, has been by foot. It's good exercise though and I'm proud to be in decent enough shape to walk 6 miles without being sore the next day.

The town I have been placed in is Taebaek which is supposedly the highest city in elevation in Korea. It has mountains surrounding it and is beautiful for those who like to hike and explore the scenic part of the country. The town is also relatively poor, since it was at one time supported by the coal mine industry which recently went under. It has pulled through though becoming a popular spot for tourists and a great location for skiing and Korean festivals.

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  1. Large!
    You should ride in a rickshaw at least once while you're there! Glad you started a blog, that way I know what you are up to besides hearing it from dad. He forgets things sometimes! :) Love you and miss you but glad you are having fun!!